2 cubic foot bag

Bulk pallet - 64 cubic foot

Mesquite Cooking Wood

Mesquite Cooking Wood is the Texas star of Barbecue and Open Flame Grilling. This wood really packs a punch of tasty flavor with very high heat and long lasting coaling properties. It is used a lot for Open Flame Grilling and is best for Steak but also works really well in Off Set Fire Box Barbecue or Smoker and does a fine job with Beef Brisket, Pork Shoulder and even Turkey.

Cooking Wood products are naturally seasoned cut 16" to 18" in length and 2"to 6" in diameter.

Available in:

Bulk pallet - 64 cubic feet (Approx. 1700lbs.)
Cooking Wood Logs

Pallet of 2 cubic foot bags (40-45lbs. each)
Stacked 40 bags per pallet
Cooking Wood Logs

2 cubic foot bag (40-45lbs.)
4" to 6" diameter
Cooking Wood Chunks

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